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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dan and RJ Announce Orange Amplification Endorsement Deal

Collibus are proud to announce that Dan and RJ are now Orange Ambassadors! The guys recently headed over to STS Touring Productions and Rebellion Rock Bar in Manchester for some photoshoots with the very lovely and talented Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography.

Here's what Dan & RJ have to say about their shiny new gear:

"Loving the sound, feel and versatility of Orange amps, which is especially mind blowing considering the simple controls on them. No matter what tone I dial in, it cuts through perfectly, with a tight, bone crushing sound, even when using 7 string or down tuned guitars. I'm still just as impressed with Orange amps, as I was when I first plugged into one nearly 10 years ago! Happy to be an Orange ambassador!
- Dan
"Powerful, responsive, clarity, dynamic, precise, versatile, reliable, simplicity and killer tones. This is what the AD200B brings to the table and that is the reason why I use this amp head teamed up with the OBC810. I’m honoured to be an Orange ambassador!"
- RJ

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