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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dan and RJ Announce Orange Amplification Endorsement Deal

Collibus are proud to announce that Dan and RJ are now Orange Ambassadors! The guys recently headed over to STS Touring Productions and Rebellion Rock Bar in Manchester for some photoshoots with the very lovely and talented Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography.

Here's what Dan & RJ have to say about their shiny new gear:

"Loving the sound, feel and versatility of Orange amps, which is especially mind blowing considering the simple controls on them. No matter what tone I dial in, it cuts through perfectly, with a tight, bone crushing sound, even when using 7 string or down tuned guitars. I'm still just as impressed with Orange amps, as I was when I first plugged into one nearly 10 years ago! Happy to be an Orange ambassador!
- Dan
"Powerful, responsive, clarity, dynamic, precise, versatile, reliable, simplicity and killer tones. This is what the AD200B brings to the table and that is the reason why I use this amp head teamed up with the OBC810. I’m honoured to be an Orange ambassador!"
- RJ

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Festwich Wrap-up

Well, Festwich... What an awesome crowd, and thank you all so much for the support! It was genuinely lovely to see so many of our local followers out in force! Despite the technical hitches we encountered on the day, we truly enjoyed melting your faces off!

We'd like to send out a special thank you to Daniel Clifford of Manchester Rocks, not only for asking us to play, but for all his hard work leading up to and on the day of the festival. We've seen a few posts around Facebook hailing him the hero of Festwich, and we agree!

And as if we don't thank him enough, we'd like to also give a shout out to our own crewman/roadie, Tom 'Aki' Atkinson, for always being on the ball, whether it be plugging leads in or just making sure we have water on stage. We'll miss you at Wacken! (Git...)

We've received a tonne of photos and some really great video footage, as well as all your amazing comments and messages. We really can not wait to play Manchester again, which will be Saturday 8th November at the Headbangers Balls at Rebellion Rock Bar. Or who knows, maybe we'll do one sooner??

Anyhoooooo... Here are some videos from our set! :D \m/

Many more videos on YouTube!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sonisphere Footage

We keep getting more and more footage from Sonisphere coming in, so figured it was best to dedicate a blog to the awesome videos we've received. Check them out, give them a share! Cheers! \m/

*best viewed on a computer*

Lie In Wait / The Fallen
Footage by Thepicturedrome

Thoughts In Vain
Footage by Thepicturedrome

The Fallen (acoustic)
Recorded with Gibson Guitars

Stephen's interview with Laney Amplification
Gemma & Stephen's interview with Felicity Hall

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Prog and Metal Hammer Album Reviews


The False Awakening

Have these British prog metallers made the debut album of the year?

Every week, it seems, there's a plethora of emerging bands who claim to be prog metal. It's an easy tag to hijack, isn't it? Just play metal with a vague idea of technique and dynamics, and voilĂ ! Thankfully though, their debut album proves there's so much more to Collibus. Firstly, this British four-piece have Gemma Fox, who has a stunning voice, capable of soaring yet also with an edge. She handles delicacy and punch with equal assurety. Guitarist Stephen Platt offers a vision reminiscent in places of Dream Theater's John Petrucci, but also delves into late 70s moments, inspired by Alex Lifeson and metal's die-hard masters. The real clincher here is that, despite their relative inexperience, the band already know how to marry instant tunefulness to their elaborate, sophisticated arrangements, and all with a mighty clout. Leave It All Behind, Break The Silence and The Hunted show what the band are truly capable of, and highlight Collibus' fast-emerging promise. In fact, The False Awakening will be seen as one of the year's best debut albums. It's a work that points the way to a future where they're regarded as one of the master prog metal bands of the era.

Malcolm Dome


The False Awakening

Parliament-invading rockers get nod from Queen

Mancunian progressive metallers Collibus have a great many thinks in their favour. Dr Brian May of Queen considers himself a fan, having praised both their "scary musicianship" and the "passion and power" of the group's singer Gemma Fox, and last year they became the first metal to perform live at the House Of Commons. A slot at this summer's Download is already confirmed. You'd expect them to pitch a sound that's several notches above the ranks of British hopefuls, and that's exactly what they do on an independently released debut album that reeks of future promise. Favouring a cleanly delivered vocal style, Gemma is a superb mouthpiece for the band's finely chiselled mix of metal, hard rock and classical-tinged influences. Despite the ambitious nature of certain selections - Spite and Leave It All Behind are nine and seven minutes long respectively - choruses are another key element of this band's appeal and the likes of Insurrection, The Fallen and the lighter-waving Break The Silence are bold, confident statements that leave a long-lasting memory. Watch them fly.

Dave Ling

Monday, 21 April 2014

Press Release

Hailing from the underground Manchester metal scene, Collibus is a five-piece female-fronted progressive metal band of tour-de-force proportions. 

Having won the 2013 Parliamentary Rock the House Discretionary Metal Award, Collibus made history by becoming the first heavy metal band ever to play a set in the House of Commons; had the music video for their winning track Dead Inside featured on Scuzz; and released their debut album The False Awakening all in a matter of months.

The January debut album launch was impressively followed by a quick succession of major festivals snapping up Collibus onto their lineup – with Download, Graspop Metal Meeting, Sonisphere, & Wacken Open Air all signing the band so far in 2014.

The album and their historical Parliamentary live set have bagged them an increasing number of fans, among whom they count rock legend, Queen's Brian May:
“Collibus is already a phenomenon. Scary musicianship at the most furious end of the metal spectrum, crowned with Gemma Fox's passion and power as a vocalist. Ouch. Impossible to ignore.”

Iced Earth's Luke Appleton hailed Collibus'
"Monstrous guitar solos, a grooving rhythm section and a vocalist that just smacks you in the face with melody!”

Although The False Awakening has only just been released, the British rock press has stood up and taken notice. 

Malcolm Dome, Prog Rock Magazine, said:
“The False Awakening will be seen as one of the year's best debut albums. It's a work that points the way to a future where they're regarded as one of the master prog metal bands of the era.”

Alexander Milas, Metal Hammer editor, said that The False Awakening is:
“A heady dose of full-on, red-blooded British heavy metal.”

Dave Ling, Metal Hammer, reviewed the album saying:
“You'd expect them to pitch a sound that is several notches above the ranks of British hopefuls [Collibus'] independently released album reeks of future promise...Watch them fly.”

Rock the House Founder (and metal fan) Mike Weatherley MP who hand-picked Collibus for the Rock the House award, said:
“The Collibus sound is profoundly unique. They glide seamlessly through heavy in-your-face riffage, astounding technical sections, thought-provoking melodic passages, symphonic string arrangements and powerful vocals...I literally have not been able to listen to anything else since I got The False Awakening. They were fantastic in Parliament and I cant wait to see them play the 2014 metal festival circuit!”

Collibus is:
Gemma Fox | Lead Vocals
Stephen Platt | Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production
Daniel Mucs | Rhythm Guitar
RJ Kershaw | Bass

The False Awakening is available on CD and digital download at, BigCartel, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

For more information on Collibus and their album The False Awakening, contact or visit

Photos for publication can be downloaded and used from:

Full size:
Web size:

Full size:
Web size:

Festival Poster

Collibus officially confirmed to be playing @ Download Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, Sonisphere Festival, and Wacken Open Air!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rock the House Application Deadline

Last year, we came across the Rock the House competition, a Parliament ran competition founded by Mike Weatherley MP, which raises awareness of intellectual property rights for musicians. The competition boasts patrons including the likes of Brian May, Alice Cooper, and Rick Wakeman to name but a few; a long list of sponsors including Gibson, Yamaha, Orange Amps, and the list continues; and fantastic prizes and opportunities.

We took a chance and entered our video, Dead Inside, via Bandapp. We were lucky enough to be chosen for the special Mike Weatherley MP Discretionary Rock & Metal Award, and were honoured to be invited down to the awards ceremony at the House of Commons to collect our prize... A slot at the legendary Download Festival 2014! An absolute dream come true!

We were also invited back to perform at the Rock the House 2014 launch night in front of Brian May, Bruce Dickinson, Bernie Marsden (among others), MPs, sponsors and all kinds of people from the music and film industry. A tremendous opportunity! All the while, building and creating hype behind our name with fantastic support and guidance with the release of our debut album, all in the run up to our much anticipated slot at Download Festival. Last week saw the Download team announce us as playing the Pepsi Max stage, which gives us great pride and we are truly humbled.

We are urging all UK based musicians and bands to enter Rock the House now, raise awareness, and be a part of something big! The deadline is 31st March - so get entering, NOW!