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Monday, 25 November 2013

Rock The House Launch 2014

Well, folks. Gemma here...

Nearly a week has passed since our big night at the Houses of Parliament. We've needed this long just to recuperate and get our heads around everything that happened! What a fantastic evening, the magnitude of which was overwhelming in a way we could never have predicted. The day started off a bit bumpy with us missing several interviews for various reasons; dodgy phone signals, power cuts, make-overs taking too long - you name it, it happened!

But, when we arrived... Wow. Upon arrival we were told the mighty Bruce Dickinson was there - an icon and legend. The pressure started to build a little (more) there and then! And then, who else should walk through the door, but none other than Dr Brian May himself! I say walked... He sort of hovered in like rock royalty which made each of us gasp unexpectedly and uncontrollably. The pressure was truly on at this point. Upon being introduced to Brian, it was clear what a true legend he actually is, and such a pleasure to meet. The man is nothing but a complete gentleman, and so patient as he posed for every photograph requested. Genuinely interested in us and our music and enthusiastic to meet and talk to us. And then I overheard something amazing... Mike Weatherley asked him if he would say a few words and introduce us on stage, to which Brian agreed with excitement. At this point, I was a gibbering wreck - very glad there was complimentary wine as I needed it more than ever!

And when the time came to start setting up, of course we came across the usual 'technical issues' and general rushing around, perhaps more so than usual in this instance. Brian came on stage, said his piece, and what an absolute honour it was to be stood on the same stage as a personal hero of mine. We each took a deep breath and started playing. A short but sweet set, in front of extremely proud (and tearful) family members, MPs, famous musicians, and loads of influential people from the music industry. And did I mention Brian May?? That was one tough gig, but we made it through!

Rock The House was then followed by an aftershow party in our honour at a rather awesome little pub called Crobar. We had such a blast! Our album was introduced (followed by full play on the jukebox) by the rather cool MrAlex Milas of Metal Hammer/Team Rock Radio - I think we have made a new fan there! The night was full of drinking, laughing, and very good times indeed! Followed by a well needed kebab on the way back to our accommodation!

I don't think we can thank everyone involved enough for everything. To Mike and the lovely Niki in particular, who managed to pull off this amazing, prestigious event, that we are honoured to have been a part of. I hope we did the history of rock & metal, and Parliament proud!
Bands & musicians out there - we urge you again to enter Rock The House 2014! You never know where it might get you, and in the end you're helping yourself and your fellow musicians to raise awareness ofIntellectual Property Rights. As Brian May said on the night, "You wouldn't go into your local shop and steal a loaf of bread, so why would you want to steal music?"

For more information on Rock the House and how to enter, visit
ITV News coverage of the event

Collibus with Bernie Marsden, Ace, and Brian May 
Photo Copyright Roger Goodgroves -

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