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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Good News, and Bad News...

Greetings, Collifans!

So, we've got a few updates for you. Some bad news, unfortunately, but also some good news!

First of all, let's get the bad news out of the way...

It is with regret that we announce the departure of Rosie Smith from the band. This is due to her own personal reasons,  and although it saddens us, we fully support her decision to leave. She may have only been in the band a short period, but was memorable, none the less! We wish her well with Gone Til Winter and future musical projects. We are currently not seeking a replacement.

With that in mind, we have encountered a few delays with the album. We can assure you, though, that we are now back on track and getting things done. We'd like to thank you all for your patience, and we promise it WILL be worth the wait.

And some good news??

The show must go on! We've got lots of things to show you over the next week or so... We will be unveiling the Official album artwork for 'The False Awakening' designed by Grindesign. We will have t-shirts for sale which look AWESOME, by the way... And we will be uploading a brand new track! Also, coming up... News of our next music video and single! We've also just confirmed a few pretty cool festivals, which we will be announcing over the coming weeks.

And for all you local people, get yourselves down to Satan's Hollow in Manchester on 17th May! Our new t-shirts will be available for you to buy, it's Stephen's birthday, and it's going to be a belter of a gig! If you're coming down, get your names (and your friends names) to us ASAP so we can add you to the guestlist for a discount on the door fee.

Stay tuned!

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