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Friday, 1 March 2013



1) Thanks for taking the time for Razor Metal, please give us a little Collibus history as you have been around for quite some time. You seem to be a very active live band in your local area and have gone through some line up changes, how do the locals dig the band?

RJ Kershaw) To cut a long story short, Stephen and I formed the band back in 2004, and recruited Gemma in 2009. Then, unfortunately, we have had quite a couple of people go through the revolving door, so to speak. We decided to take a year and a half break, during which time we wondered whether we should put it to bed, or start a new band from scratch, or carry on as a four piece etc. Then, out of nowhere, luckily enough chance started to be on our side when Dan came on board last year, followed by Rosie joining during the pre-production of the up and coming album. By the response that we get from playing live, the crowd seem to dig the band and give us a warm reception.

2) Why has it taken so long to finally get an album ready for release after so many years?

RJ) Quite a couple of reasons really… From members coming in and out of the band, recording equipment basically dying on us, and even little simple things like losing our rehearsal space due to certain landlords not paying their bills and not telling us the building will be reprocessed whilst having our gear inside! We got it all back though, thankfully.

3) Who is releasing the debut album and when can the fans get it?

RJ) We will be self-releasing the album. Hopefully, we'll have it out there towards the end of spring. We can't wait for the fans and music lovers alike to get a hold of it and check it out.

4) Tell us what we can expect musically from the album, is it a full on prog metal blitz or a more diverse metal album?

RJ) It's basically all about the metal, but with our way of doing it. From tracks being 10 minutes long to 3 minutes short, technical to simple, from heavy to dreamscape-like. I can honestly say, it's music we believe in, love, write, and play despite current trends or outsiders saying we should do more of this or less of that.

5) Can you reveal the album title and tracklisting for us eager fans? Being you recorded many demos over the years will the album be all new material?

RJ) We've acumilated a lot of material over the years, including plenty of fan favourites, and some new unreleased material. We are aiming to have a good mixture of both on this album.

6) I give you credit for staying together so long and staying true to your art. Was there ever a time where Collibus almost called it quits? What keeps you motivated?

RJ) I wouldn't say we've ever almost called it quits. We've posed the question, of course, but it was like, "No (f*cking) way!" To us, it was more like challenges and obstacles we've had to traverse, both mentally and physically.

7) What are your realistic expectations to come out of the album release as far as sales, promotion, tour support? Being the economy is poor and the music industry is changing and battling illegal downloading which is no doubt a losing battle can you possible see a financial gain or is this a labour of love?

RJ) To at least get us some national recognition with promoting the album. Hopefully, we can jump on some good tour support slots. I'm probably talking for myself here when it comes to 'illegal downloading', but, if someone wants to illegally download this album to check it out, go for it. At the end of it all, I want as many people to listen to our music as much as possible… Isn't that the reason we're doing this anyway? Hopefully, the listener will dig what we do, then buy our album in some format, or merch as a show of support for us and help us carry on.

8) Will you be selling your album or giving it away in hopes to gather more fans to create a demand for touring? It seems a LOT of bands are doing this and just asking to "pay what you can", especially on Bandcamp which seems where music is headed now.

RJ) We're still in talks if we are selling it or not. We are definitely looking into all the possible digital ways and formats of distributing the album, as well as physical copies. We urge fans to buy physical copies, though, if only to check the awesome artwork by Grindesign!

9) We thank you so much for your time and great insight! Razor Metal will fully support Collibus every way possible. I will now give you the last word, please say whatever you would like to your fans and supporters over the years! Take it away...

RJ) Thank you very much for the interview. On behalf of the band, I'd like to thank the fans and supporters, old and new, for sticking by us. We promise you, 'The False Awakening' will be worth the wait. Look out for us on the road!

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