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Monday, 3 December 2012

Some news for ya!

Our little Colli-unit has grown again... Please, join us in welcoming our newest member of Collibus, the rather talented Miss Rosie Smith on keyboards and backing vokills! You may know Rosie from our friends in the awesome Gone Til Winter OFFICIAL, whom we've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with on occasion - check them out if you've not heard of them! Rosie's like, almost famous and stuff... Has her own Wiki page and everything! Oh, and apparently she used to be some kind of famous band... Filthy Cradle, or something?! Hmm... But jokes aside, welcome to Collibus, Miss Smith!

You can catch us debut with our new monster line-up live at Manchester Academy, Friday 18th January 2013! This is a Rock and Metal festival, featuring 10 bands over 2 stages (Academy 3 and Club Academy) and all for only £6. We are main support for the mighty [Official] Severenth on the Club Academy stage. Please, contact us for tickets!

Our videoshoot with Rotted Grape - Video production and Photography was on Saturday at Big City Jacks (cool place!) and what an absolute blast it was! Some extra shots are being done this Friday. Photos from Saturday follow. Tommy and his team are awesome at what they do. We can't wait to show you... Hoping to have the video ready for mid-Jan, so stayed tuned and we'll keep you posted!

"But, what about the album?!" we hear you cry! We have entered the studio... Currently setting up for guitar tracking, and looking forward to hearing how the beasty Laney Amplification Ironheart rips these songs a new a-hole!

Watch this space...

In the meantime... Here is a rather nice photo taken after our videoshoot, courtesy of Gavin McQuarrie.

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